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Adult Sports Training

Intensive Resistance and Olympic training for the novice to the experienced

adult athlete who wants to get back in the game!




** A tough mudder?

** Training for a 5K or other running event?

** Weekend warrior who plays sports leagues for fun?

** A CrossFit fan who wants to do a similar (safer) workout?

** Interested in shaking up your routine and giving sports training a try?


Looking for a new way to shake up your workouts or to push your body where you never thought possible? This format incorporates anaerobic conditioning, core, and specifically selected pairings of resistance exercises in a multi-station circuit format. Station times last longer so you get increased neuromuscular learning at each exercise. What does that mean to you? Results, results, results...


All exercise combinations include variations from basic to intensive physical work, accommodating even the novice athlete who wants to get back in the game! Workout duration is 60-75 minutes and includes agility training with an anaerobic strength training circuit.


Something for everyone: Olympic Lifts like what's become popular in Reebok's cross fit competitions; cross conditioning for running enthusiasts, marathoners and Ironman athletes complete with running mechanics training to improve stride length and frequency. Finish your workout with advanced joint stability and regeneration techniques. In other words, get flexible and recover faster between workouts.

Soon you'll be able to get these workouts online and take them to any gym and push yourself to levels you never thought possible.

Explore your body's possibilities.